‘The fun stuff for your babies & children’

The Nursery Pets!

Our children adore our range of nursery pets! We have two guinea pigs; a tank full of fish, and African Land Snails. Pets help us to meet the emotional needs of our children. Caring for pets also gives children the opportunity to learn how to be gentle and responsible for others and is part of our educational program. Our children have responsibility for cleaning out our pets, and ensuring they have food and water.

Cookery Club

During the afternoons, our preschool children really enjoy spending time in our nursery kitchen, learning how to cook healthy meals with our cook Luci. The children all take turns in groups to take part in one cookery session every week. Luci talks with the children about healthy choices, supporting the children’s developing understanding of healthy lifestyles.

Football tots

Every Friday we are very lucky to have a visit from a fully qualified football coach, who carries out weekly football sessions with our children. This supports our children’s developing understanding about the importance of exercise and health lifestyles.

Forest Schools Learning

We are so fortunate to have access to a small forest area, just a mile from Puddleducks. We have a trained forest school leader Kim, who plans and delivers weekly forest school sessions with our preschool children. Find out more about Forest School teaching & learning in our useful document found below

Forest School Information For Parents

You can also see some of our Forest School adventures in the galleries section of our website.

Children are transported to our Forest School in staff cars, which in itself is very exciting!

Visits and Visitors

We LOVE to get our children out and about, and plan outings around the local area. Our children take weekly walks around our village, visiting the village play park regularly. We also go further afield, providing our children with a wealth of experiences beyond our immediate area. Recent outings include visiting The Grand Opera House in York to watch the live Peppa Pig show; taking a bus into York and going on the York Boat, cruising down the river Ouse!

All of these extra-curricular visits and outings, ensure that children gain a wealth of experiences beyond our nursery environment.

Learning through Play

Providing high quality planned experiences for children’s play is an important way for adults to support children’s learning that is both enjoyable and challenging. When children play, they are learning at the highest level. Play can extend certain areas of their learning – for example, developing language skills by promoting talk between children or introducing new vocabulary that they use and act out in their play. One example of a recent planned experience for older children in the EYFS was the setting up of a health centre in a classroom. Children enjoyed finding out about stethoscopes and Xrays, role playing different jobs, diagnosing a sore throat and even bandaging a pretend broken arm. Such a playful approach to learning builds on children’s interests and responds to their ideas for play and also allows scope for structured activities to teach specific skills and knowledge


During early childhood, the main ingredients in forming friendships are opportunity and similarity. To become friends, children need to be available to each other for play and other activities. Children become good friends when they spend a lot of time playing together, sharing toys, and enjoying the same games and activities. Children who are in a nursery setting spend more time with each other and therefore have more opportunities to form friendships. Children’s social contacts increase dramatically when they enter nursery, where they encounter a much larger group of peers.

Friendships formed at Puddleducks extend beyond our setting, as many friendships are forged between families due to children’s friendships.