Follow our Malton Journey

We plan to document progress with our new Malton nursery here, with plenty of photographs and updates!

We have lift off!

December 2021

For the first time, we can see our lovely building above ground. (It maybe doesn’t look very lovely on a murky December day, but we promise it will be lovely!)
The steel frame is up, and concrete floor laid.
For the first time we get a sense of the building size and the amazing spaces it will offer us. We’ve also exchanged contracts in December, so no going back now! For those still considering a place with us, we have very limited baby spaces left for 2022/2023.

Eeek.. A first look at our plans!

November 2021

It has been an exciting few weeks. We gained full planning consent for our Malton nursery in early November, so all permissions and conditions are now met and as we provide this update, the building is going up! So, we now dare to share some of our layout plans with you all. Although 2D layout plans certainly don’t give you a sense of how beautiful our spaces will be, they do illustrate the large open spaces and bespoke facilities that a purpose build nursery allows us. We also share the first draft of the toddler and baby garden plans. I am currently deep in the planning stages of the outdoor areas, and there are likely to be some amendments to the plan we show here. Hopefully a glance at this first draft does provide our followers with a sense of the spacious, well-equipped and exciting outdoor areas that we are planning. In our next update we should have part of a building to show you!

See our floor plans below

Construction is under way!

Mid September 2021

The site is looking glorious on a sunny September Saturday! All fenced off and secured, we get a real sense of anticipation. The arrival of construction vehicles, and the laying of the hardcore makes it all seem very real.
Standing here now, it’s hard to believe that in 8 months time we should (project permitting) hear the sound of happy children playing outdoors at our beautiful new nursery.

More Updates Coming Soon!