What makes a good nursery?

Choosing a day nursery is one of the most important decisions a parent will have to make. Below is a list of important points that we think are essential to consider when looking at a nursery.

Seal of Approval
Always ensure that the nursery you choose is registered with Ofsted. The registration certificate should be displayed together with a current certificate of insurance. Ours can be found on our parent information board in our lobby.
Ask to see a copy of the recent Ofsted inspection report which highlights the quality of nursery education and care and the appropriateness of equipment and facilities. A copy of ours is included within our prospectus.

Happy, Safe and Clean
•    Is the nursery bright, warm, clean and welcoming?
•    Is the equipment good quality, clean, safe and appropriate?
•    Is there a safe and clean outside play area for ALL age groups?
•    What sort of meals are provided and at what time?
•    Is the food fresh?
•    Can the nursery provide for special diets?
•    Are the menus changed on a regular basis?
•    Do the children in the nursery look happy and well occupied?
•    Are the children using a variety of equipment and are staff involved with their play?
•    Are the staff happy, relaxed, well presented, calm and confident?
•    Ask about the staff to children ratios. They should be:
– 1:3 0-2 years
– 1:4 2-3 years
– 1:8 3-5 years

High standards
•    50% of staff must hold relevant childcare qualifications such as Level 2 or equivalent. One member of staff should have a First Aid Certificate and all supervisors are required to have a Level 3 or equivalent. At Puddleducks all of our staff hold at least Level 3 qualifications.
•    Do parents and staff work in partnership, recording your child’s activities and achievements?
•    Will your child be attached to a key person?
•    Who will be your main contact and who will keep you informed?
•    What will the cost be and what does that include?
•    Activities to be discussed are; diet, potty training, emergency procedures, discipline and other nursery policies

•    Did you enjoy your visit?
•    Were staff confident to answer any questions you had?
•    Was it friendly, relaxed and informative?
•    If your child went with you, did they enjoy the visit?
There is much more advice available for parents on the internet, to support you with choosing the right nursery for your family.